Online gambling

Online Gambling is becoming an increasingly popular form of gambling, and there are now an estimated 1,700 gambling websites on the Internet. As well as the Internet, you can now gamble through interactive television and a mobile phone.

The convience of gambling at home, the ease of setting up an gambling account and the variety of forms of gambling - from traditional betting, to casino gambling, bingo and lotteries - makes online gambling very appealing.

 However, whilst many people gamble online without any problems GamCare has started to see an increase in the amount of people contacting our helpline and counselling services who are losing control of their gambling online.

There are some factors of online gambling that could certainly increase the risk of developing a gambling problem. These are:

Online tips

If you are currently gambling online or want to in the future, and are wary of the need to keep control of your gambling, the tips below should help.

Get Help Now!

There are several organisations looking after players who developed a gambling problem in the UK and abroad. Here are some of the options available to players. Longer list of organisations and groups is available here.